Bee Hive Scale

My uncle has a bee hives. He want's to be able to have the sit on a scale and the hive be weighed every day. This is so he can tell when the hive is producing honey or when it is failing. I would be happy to turn on a green light when it is producing.

I have an ardiono uno.
I have a LOT more experience with PLC's and ladder logic.
I have only a little experience with programming in assembly language.

Is it possible I could get some guidance?


You attract more bees with honey ...

Why not just hang the hive from a digital scale? Or you can make your own scale that way you can have whatever alarms your want.

I don’t know the logistics of bee hives, but can you build a hive holder that is mounted on something that could be put on a scale ?

Search the forum for 'bee hive'. There was a very long thread a few months ago discussing this problem.

You mean this one ?

You mean this one ?
A Digital Beehive: A scientific study proposal. - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

Not that one, although it is a good link. The one I mean was specifically about how to weigh beehives.

What about this one ?

What about this one ?
Build a Scale to Weigh Bee Hives : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

This is the one I mean: