before i buy an Arduino > NOBODY has done this yet that i know of >>

new to this device... saw many videos with video game controllers... but nobody is trying to do what I want to do. I REALLY NEED to know asap if this is possible. I want to use a trackball (of any kind really since they all have the same internal design sensor wise) and wire it to a game cube pcb analog controller OR playstation PCB analog controller to actually control a Wii download game that i love. In other words... map the analog of the game controller's potentiometer through the Arduino & then use the trackball to move the sight/character on the screen. Instead of using the analog thumb thing. So its like im extending the signal of analog from the controller to another device to trigger movement.

Also can you minimize the "Dead zone" for the analog/trackball etc. with the lines of code/resolution?

ANY help would be appreciated, so please let me know how i would do this. :)

As far as i know the track ball would have encoders since it can keep rotating. The game controller's thumb stick has 2 potentiometers. if you want the arduino to control the game controllers thumb stick directly you will have to use a digital potentiometer from the arduino to the thumb sticks potentiometers. the track ball's encoder would then be read from your arduino

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