Beginner’s guidance: SIM800L GSM Module just blinks every 1s

Hello everyone, I'm new working with Arduino and I'm currently working on a 'simple' Arduino project and for it I wanna test the GSM module (SIM800L), I've been watching multiple tutorials online and managed to wire it to my Arduino (NANO), then I tried this code that got me this result, meaning it's apparently working 'fine'.

According to this video. Timestamp: 3:48.

And I got the same result:

However there's something that's bugging me, my GSM module doesn't blink every 3s (meaning the module has made contact with the cellular network & can send/receive voice and SMS) it's been blinking just every 1s this whole time (meaning the module is running but hasn’t made connection to the cellular network yet), I waited for a couple minutes just in case but it still don't do it.

And I'm wondering what could be the issue, like why it says it's working right but don't blink every 3s? Anyone please got any ideas?

Thanks in advance everyone.

Please, my friend, don't use screen shots. They're unreadable. They blurre out when magnified...
A wiring, especially showing how the project is powered, might save us a lot of replies. You probably don't know how often poor powering is the reason for problems.

Hey, well this is the code I used:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define rxPin 3
#define txPin 4
SoftwareSerial sim800L(rxPin,txPin); 

void setup()
  //Begin serial communication with Arduino and Arduino IDE (Serial Monitor)
  //Begin serial communication with Arduino and SIM800L


void loop()
  while(Serial.available())  {

And the wiring I used is this one BUT I didn't use any resistors:

Used a 3.7v Li-Po Battery, 1200mAh like the image.

It’s quite possible your battery isn’t big enough.
These modems can draw up to 2A peak for a couple of seconds during cell discovery, and your modem might not be completing its network scan for all possible/the best appropriate carrier.

Just try a supply with higher current as a test.
The antenna is important too !

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I'll get a new battery then, I actually hope this is the issue and not the antenna


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