best soldering iron to buy

Can someone recommend the best soldering iron to buy for Arduino projects. Or some really good recommendations.

I've heard that this Weller WTCPT 60 Watts (see link below) is the best to buy for small electronics like the Arduino because the it doesn't get too hot to damage the electronics like the pen ones. Is this true?

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hakko fx-888

Don't know where you're located, but the GQ Electronics works very well for me. Ebay

Heats up quickly, nice features, and everything you need to get started.

There are lots of sellers for these on Ebay, so look around.

I bought a European Hakko 936 (220VAC) for about $50.00 US from Electrodragon. Except for the case it is identical to the 888, uses the same tips, irons, connector, and controller. There's no "Custom" IC for the controller (uses an LM358) and since I needed a mains isolation transformer I decided to buy a 110V - 220V step up transformer/1 -1 isolation transformer. The whole cost me $70.00 US and I got both a great soldering iron to replace my 15 year old Hakko 926 which is still working well and a nice isolation transformer. I've replaced one heater in it in 15 years. I used the Weller WTCP series for 20 years and probably changed at least 20 thermal switches. Perhaps the variable Wellers are a good choice compared to the earlier non variable (replace the tip to change temp) devices. However when I look back at the history of the Wellers vs the Hakko... I'll keep both my old one and the newer one and buy an extra iron for $11.00 to $12.00 and available from several sources and be done with it. I bought a set of 10 tips for the iron for about $1.00 Ea ($9.95, Free Shipping) From Bosity or Uxwell (Same store, Bosity's Ebay).


Thank you for all the suggestions. I’ve decided to go with the hakko fx-888. It has great reviews and temperature dial to adjust the temperature to my exact needs.

That was the reason I bought the Hakko 926 15 years ago and why I bought the 936, fully adjustable temperature... A 120VAC transformer sells for about $25.00 more which was 1/2 the reason for buying the isolation transformer, the other half was to isolate my O'scope from AC Ground. The FX888 is only available AFAIK in that horrid yellow and purple color combo. at least from the 3 or 4 threads I found in searching for the 120VAC transformer for the 936... It is still a great soldering iron regardless of color.