Best way to understand Arduino robotic coding

Hello, I wanted to know whats the best way to understand robotic coding for Arduino? Is coding basically combining code of all the components being used with some editing?

No, any kind of coding is first coming up with a specification of what you want to do, and fitting your code to that spec.

Ok, could you give an example?

No, because I don't have a specification.
I don't even have a requirement.

So what is the best way to understand how robotic coding works? Do you have a youtube tutorial or book suggestion?

The best thing to learn about "robotic coding" is that $h1t happens.

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Robotic coding is only different than any other type of coding in that the hardware is different. Study general coding practices. Fit those practices to the robotic environment. Learn things like finite state machines and non-blocking coding. There are literally thousands of tutorials for that sort of thing.

Any tutorial suggestions for Arduino robotic coding?

Buy a robot kit and follow the directions, they usually include directions for coding too.

Perhaps deciding what sort of robot you want to create would help.

Do you want a fixed robot arm like on a car production line?
Possibly a wheeled robot that can move about, or maybe a tracked variant.
Or for the more adventurous, a walking robot - bipedal or a hexapod for example?
Or maybe you want it to fly?

Really I just want to understand robotic coding in general. That's why I'm looking for tutorial suggestions so I can learn more about it. How the coding works, when will I need to use certain functions or variables, and when will I use certain statements? I don't want to build a robot just yet I just want to learn and understand coding and how it works before I jump into build a robot.

Yes, correct, that's what you need to do. Robotic coding is 98% the same as any other kind of coding. If you are already familiar, competent and confident with coding, then the 2% that is different is important. If not, you need to forget about learning robotic coding for now and focus on general coding.

Great any suggestions for tutorials?

Have you tried using google?
There are many tutorials on programing for Arduino.
There's also a tutorials section of this site

I've used google I just want to see what everyone here recommends and try it out.

Look for tutorials on servos, steppers, DC motors, encoders. Also Inverse kinematics.

Robotics as a general topic is a bit too wide a field - it rather depends on what you want to make. Nonetheless, the list above will help for many projects.

Sounds good thank you

You insisted on a tutorial. Well coding for a robot like rollin justin

is a thousand times more complex then this one. (and a thousand times is no exxageration)

rollin justin requires combining realtime moving picture recogition including neuronal networks
overlayed PID-control for acceleration, velocity, position-control

The second picture is a simple line-follower. Check three sensors detecting brightness or darkness and do some simple decisions based on the combination of what the left, middle right sensor is detecting (brightness or darkness)

So there really is no unique way to learn "robotic-coding"
To give you an impression about it The experts that code for rollin Justin is a team with mimimum 4 experts each one of them not beeing an expert about the specific field of the other expert
one for picture-recognition based on neuronal-networks, one for PID-control etc.
Each of them has a minimum of 10 years of experience while all experts started with something simple like this line-follower.

I estimate that you have a somehow wrong picture about what coding means.
I try to write an analogon.
You seem to think about robotic coding as beeing different like harvest spruce trees
is different than harvesting oranges.
harvesting spruce trees with a 20 ton weighing "harvester" cutting the trees and shave off all branches and then cut them down to 3feet long pieces versus harvest oranges.

coding in general or "robotic"-coding is as similar as
harvest apples versus harvest oranges

Both grow on trees. Both are plucked from the trees. they have a similar size. You can't drop them down from 3m height you have to put them into boxes quite carefully.
Though there are some differencies but rather minor one.

Both harvesting apples or oranges can be done completely manually or partially mechanised
up to put them into boxes and stack them into a shipable container which requires very different equipement.

Same with coding in general or "robotic" coding.
To find out which way of explaining "coding" makes fun to you. You have to try different methods
like text and pictures, videos, books etc.
a text/picture based tutorial especially for coding for arduino is the one linked below.
There are about 20 basic "concepts" or "command-structures" that are shared across 90% of all programming-languages. This means if you have learned on of them learning a second programming-language will be 5 to 10 times faster as the first one because you are already familiar with the basic concepts regardless if your first proramming-language was python, java, c++, delphi or visual basic.
They all have in common
declaring variables and constants
assigning values to variables
basic type of variables like byte, integer, float, string
for-loops, while-loops
complex data-structures
multi-conditional structures

Take a look into this tutorial:

Arduino Programming Course

It is easy to understand and has a good mixture between explaining important concepts and example-codes to get you going. So give it a try and report your opinion about this tutorial.

best regards Stefan

some android based control units have a visual programming approach called "block programming". see the tutorials

otherwise, understanding robotic coding is little different from any other type of coding

I really want to thank all of you I can't wait to start learning :grin: