Big font and big number on 16X2 LCD Alarm clock example

This is another inspiration I drew from the forum and sparkfun's contest on a while ago:
I've seen several examples of using "Big numbers" to display time on a 16X2 character display.
I've seen JO3RI doing animations (JO3RI, could you reply with link to your OP?) on a 16X2 character display.
So I asked myself, why can't someone come up with a way to double up the size of the 16X2 character display, not just ten numbers, but all alphabets, then it'd be useful as a larger display!
I've brewed this for a while (between last night and this morning), tada!

The entire thing is for now resident in SRAM (please don't blame me. I've been on this since lunch. I need a break, critic and encouragement before I squeeze memory)

Everything has been integrated smoothly in my phi-menu system now.

youtube video is finally uploaded. I had to use my OTHER youtube account :cold_sweat:

Hi, very cool. This kind of things make an 16x2 LCD more useful (in my opinion)

So the links as you asked for:

the very first pixel animation:,54195.0.html
the next topic with more pixelart:,54411.0.html


Thanks! For a day I thought no one felt this was useful. Now I got to optimize the memory usage a bit and possibly add some animation!

Always a great job liudr :smiley:

Thanks Nikka93.

Here's the blog page. Codes coming soon!

uehm, I don't see the URL, you probable made a mistake.

Nutshell version of code is uploaded to my blog:

I'll make some optimization before I release the full code with phi-menu. Tomorrow is the planned phi-menu release date yet I still haven't received my phi-2 shields yet :cold_sweat:

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