Bike tracker with GPS and SMS alerts

Hello everybody.

New to the community and pretty new to Arduino in general (have worked on a couple of simple things in school), but I've got a project I'd like to share. Have worked on this one a for a month or two and have gotten it to a level where I'm quite happy with it. I'm by no means a programmer (I've made my fair share of shell scripts, but that's about it) but I love to learn new stuff. Thank the powers that be for code examples and that the interwebs in general are full of discussions on how to do this or that...

Got my bike stolen a few months back and decided to try to get slightly better protection for my new one. One part of that plan was to get a tracker that can alert me if the bike is moving and also send me it's location through GPS. There are a bunch of commercial products available, but they all have some flaw or another. Queue my love of tinkering and always learning new things...

The project
Long story short, I've now got a tracker that can alert me through SMS if the bike is moved and send me the location through either GPS or GPRS (can be very inaccurate, but better than nothing if there's no GPS signal) if movement is more than a bump or gust of wind.

I've got a detailed description and the code up on GitHub if anyone's interested in checking it out:

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