Blending Scratch and Arduino: Introducing mBlock (and its extension system)

For anybody interested in using Scratch with Arduino, I sincerely recommend giving a try at mBlock - an open source branch of Scratch that supports Arduino.

Compared to S4A and other block-based programming environment, mBlock allows both interacting with screen sprites and compiling/uploading Arduino code onto the board. Further more, mBlock allows anybody familiar with Arduino to write extensions - for example, I wrote an extension for my Seeed Studio Grove sensors (Disclaimer: I do not work for Seeed Studio) and debugged it in 2 hours. Other users can search, download and install the extension people wrote with a single click.

Besides, this project is actively maintained by Makeblock, with Arduino at heart.

I write ArduinoInfo.Info and I would be happy to host examples of using mBlock with Arduino.

Would you be interested in developing extensions for some other interesting Arduino Sensors and Actuators? I'd be happy to send you some hardware to test with... Get in touch if interested!

OTHER: Can anyone point to a good Arduino-related How-To for mBlock? All their examples now show the robot they sell, and not general use.

Regards, Terry King
...In The Woods in Vermont, USA

Hi Terry,

You can write your own extensions following the guide

In my spare time, I wrote one for Seeed Studio products. But there are too many products in the market thus I can't write for everything hardware. It's pretty simple: just fill in what should be inserted to which part of the Arduino Sketch and it works.

Things are improving. mBlock now have an independent website (, and I'm writing a new Getting Started guild - not only focused on Makeblock's stuff but also the greater Arduino community.


I'm writing a new Getting Started guild (guide..)

Any news on this? Can we see even a early version?? Thanks!

Yes, perfect replacement for ArduBlock.