Bluetooth Control Panel

I have just published Bluetooth Control Panel Android app. This is a Bluetooth SSP/V2.1 compatible app (HC-06, HC-05 or similar) for control or monitoring Arduinos (or similar).

The app is self contained and all setup is done from the Arduino.
The app has 10 kinds of control element:
– Small Switch
– Large Switch
– Value
– Button
– Toggle Button
– Slider
– Progress Bar
– Dial
– Speed/Direction slider
– Text Box

Available on the Play Store.
Full details and examples can be found here.l

If anybody cares to try it please let me know what you think.

The app has 10 kinds of control element:

  • Small Switch
  • Large Switch

Small switch and large switch are not different kinds of control elements. They are different only in the way that the control is displayed.

The app has some expectations about the code on the Arduino. Stating what those expectations are would be (vitally) important.

The required codes are fully documented on the website shown above. I did presume, maybe incorrectly, that anybody interested would go take a look.

Anyway, here are some of the initialization commands. These tell the app what controls you want to use/display. There is a full list here.

Small switch
<I,SS,element position,description(,colour)>
<I,SS,1,LED 1,245245255>
This initializes a small switch at position 1 with a title of LED 1 and a background colour of 245245255.

Large switch
<I,SW,element position,description(,colour)>
Initializes the switch at position 1 with a title of Lights and a background colour of 245245255 (very pale blue)

Value is any printable alphanumeric value. The control simply displays what is sent from the Arduino.
<I,VL,element number,description(,colour)>
Initializes the control at position 2 to a Value control with a title of Temperature and a background colour 245245245 (light grey)

And here are some of the data commands.

Small switch data command
= Switch position 1, on
= Switch position 1, off

Large switch data command
= Switch 1, on
= Switch 1, off

Value data switch
<D,VL,element position,value >
<D,VL,2,22.4°> = Value at position 2, display 22.4°