Bluetooth module for Mac

Hi everyone,

Is there any bluetooth module that will would be compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 and Macbook Pro (High Sierra) ? I tried out HM-10 but that didnt work. Any suggestions are welcome.


If your your device is NOT IOS, you might try an HC-05, but I believe you should get some sort of a result with the HM-10 anyway, so jumping ship is not a guarantee of success.
Check your wiring...

My wiring is vcc to 5v; gnd to gnd; TX0 to TX0-pin1; RX0 to RX0-pin0 ; When i turn on the arduino i can see the bluettoth devise on my android phone, however my Macbook does not locate it.. Is it possible to change something with code or hack it in any way ?

Probably not, but getting the wiring right might be a good start - Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx. Having Android see Bluetooth means no more than that the power is connected. It has nothing to do with the signal connections Bluetooth to Arduino.

Oh, thats fair, re-wired accordingly to Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx, however macbook still does not recognise a divace via bluetooth search engine… is there anything else i could try out ?

Yes, the Android.

But to use android i can only via phone, no ? Let me explain my project: I want to do a bluetooth controller for max msp patch (i do not have pc, only macbook pro) is it possible to do in any way or not really ?

I’m afraid i have no idea what a max msp patch might be, and Google doesn’t help, I guess you are talking mac. I only mentioned Android (any sort) because I undertood that you have had some sort of result with one. If you can get something useful there, at least you know that the problem(s) lie with the macbook.

I don’t know anything about macbooks, and thus can only give the usual answer, but I’m sure other people do. I now recall a story that you cannot pair with a BLE module in the normal manner using a mac, it has to be done through the programme you are using. I don’t understand why this might be, and I find it hard to believe it is true.

You might get some help here
While I said before that you should get some sort of result with HM-10, I think they are more trouble than they are worth, and stay with HC-05<>Android, but the HM-10 may actually be more appropriate to whatever it is that you are trying to do.