Bluetooth module w/audio compatibility

I’m looking for help

I have my basic parts list for a billy bass Arudino project, my first. Mines a 3 motor so I’m forced to use a motor shield add on for the motors.

Now my head scratcher is the Bluetooth. I know the basic Bluetooth module used for Arudino, but it’s basic and has no audio out. I’m referring to this one :

Now this one has no audio out capability, which I need, can I use another basic Bluetooth receiver module such as this?

My main question for this Arudino, is the first option the only one for this board? The audio is to catch the Bluetooth coming from the Alexa echo.

Thank you in advance for any support.

This could be a dog-chasing-car situation and I suggest you first ensure that Arduino's audio handling is up to your needs.
Do this first.
Then check that the various blueteeth carry the appropriate protocols for audio transmission.

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