Bluetooth Remote Car Controller Android App

Hello, i' ve developed an Android Application to control an Arduino board over Bluetooth. It can be used mostly for rc cars. Below you can see some screenshots:

This is the main Layout of my App

Here you can take a look at the main Menu

Lets start Searching for Bluetooth Devices

A new Device is found, click to connect

Please take a look at my app and let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:

You can get some more information here:
More Information

Here you can download my application:
Google Play

Follows a short Description

With this application we can handle any wireless #Bluetooth remote-controlled vehicle that uses the #Arduino platform or a similar one. We can perform basic steering functions like, left, right, front and back by using either the D-pad, yellow round buttons, or the accelerometer sensor of our device. There is a nice menu on top with some pretty good features.
Main Menu Features: Navigate to phone settings, Enable Bluetooth adapter, Disable Bluetooth adapter, Disconnect from a device, Make your device discoverable, Search for new Bluetooth devices, Get the list of paired devices, Application description, Minimize.
Extra Features: Change PWM, Three axis values, Enable/disable navigation using the accelerometer sensor, Yellow round buttons change color according to accelerometers orientation.

Please let me know if you like my app...