Bluetooth Remote Monitoring

Hello has anyone designed or seen a device to sequentially access remote Bluetooth device and send via GSM?

I have this boat with two battery chargers, a DC to DC charger, and MPPT solar charge controller and a LiFePO4 battery, there are also two thermometers onboard all these devices have Bluetooth. I need to add a couple of water leak monitors for the fore and aft lockers where I have had some issues recently and I could add bluetooth to these also

So is there a device or scope to build something that connects to each of these, parses the relevant data and sends to an IoT dashboard? I am thinking via a MKR GSM 1400??

NB there is wifi onboard but it auto shuts down, I would prefer direct GSM

Opinions welcome


When you say "these devices have Bluetooth", I supposed that means you connect to these devices via a smartphone app? If that is the case, it's going to be a lot more complex since you will have to figure out the protocol used by the app to talk to their corresponding device. And normally, these are the stuff that manufacturers keep proprietary...

Thanks hzrnbgy, I know for sure the battery is open source

No so sure about the Victron kit, I need to look into that, there is a Raspberry Pi option for the GX kit, I dont yet know if thats the route to go, if it is its expensive

You can always roll out your own temperature sensors. The harder part is trying "to network" these devices. Normally, you use wireless like WiFi to connect to individual modules and pull information from them. The other option is a wired topology using RS-485 (RS485)

yes I was going to do that, actually done it before with several projects, the thermometers I have are very neat though, they were an afterthought also. The main objective is to get the batteries and chargers online