Bluetoth module not discoverable!

Hello, I ahve searched this forum and googled for days, but no success. I cannot seem to find any tips on how to solve my problem. I have one of these bt modules with firmware linvor v1.5 on it. I connect it to an Arduino board and can successfully manage to send and receive AT commands (AT+PINxxxx, AT+BAUDx, AT and AT+VERSION). LED on the module board is blinking and as I could find, it means the module is not paired.
Curiosly, I can't get AT+NAMExxxxx to work, which is one of the commands this version accepts. Either, I try to find (and pair) it with a computer (running windows 8) or a Galaxy Duos Android phone. No success. The BT module is never discovered on any of these devices I have tried. Is there anything I'm missing or is there the possibility for this BT module to be bricked?
Thanks in advance!

is there the possibility for this BT module to be bricked?

Some inexplicable things can happen. My HC-06 would not talk to my tablet, but it was fine with the phone. I blamed the tablet. I eventually found that the tablet was fine if I used an HC-05. Phone is fine with either.

The oddest part is that I can’t discover it with any of my devices. But it still recognizes AT commands, except “AT+NAME”. I don’t think this could be a sign that it is bricked, but also, I don’t know why it would not be discoverable. It is brand new and has never been used.
I have bought a new module and it has arrived today. Also, I’m borrowing my friend’s to check. Hoping it works.
Has any one else had this issue?


did someone find solution for this issue? I am in similiar situation. I bought pack of 4x HC-06 modules. While 3 of them work as expected, last one is completly strange.

  1. It cannot be discovered by devices that had no problem to discover other 3 modules. (No Arduino, just 5V and ground.)

  2. It accepts AT+NAME command - this is different from original post.

  3. It replies to AT commands but not as expected. While 3 modules communicated at 9600 baud out of the box, this one did not communicate. I had an idea to set different baud rates and finally it replied at 4800 baud. So I issued AT+BAUD4 to set it to 9600. After "OK9600" I got Arduino back to 9600 baud and nothing! After some time I realised that actual communication speed is shifted by one. I mean, after AT+BAUD3 module communicates at 2400 baud, after AT+BAUD4 module communicates at 4800 baud, after AT+BAUD5 it communicates at 9600. Anyway, regardless of set speed this module is not discoverable.

Any idea what else to try? Contact the seller?


Contact the seller?

I think so.

To the point where three of them have been proven kosher, it certainly sounds like you are doing everything right. It is notable that this sort of grief appears to be exclusive to the HC-06 and I won’t be buying another. The HC-05 seems a better bet and costs about the same. The only advantage the HC-06 has is that it is a hell of a lot easier to programme than the HC-05! In the matter of naming, I had cause to configure my HC-06 last week. It looked like it had failed to accept the naming command but it was actually OK.

FWIW, I have waxed lyrical about the HC-0x on the JY-MCU over the years, but the latest HC-05 I bought is on a ZS-040 board. This board includes a little press button to facilitate programming, which would appear to make the job easier.

I have just remembered that somebody had a problem with a solder bridge on the backboard. You might check for that.

Thanks Nick. I went for HC-06 for it's simplicity. It works so far except for this one specific piece. Anyway, I decided to get a HC-05. This seems to be HC-05 on ZS-040 base plate. I will give it a try.

Yes. I got mine running at 1152100 with this

Thanks. HC-05 will come in two or three weeks. I will look at that tutorial as well.