BME680 BSEC Data Logger usses BSEC Library; with Async web server and Indoor Air Quality index. Data is displayed on OLED and logged to file every 15 Minutes. Data may be viewed from built-in file browser. Clicking on a URL filename will allow display file. FTP is available for managing the number of files stored in “LittleFS.”

Before using “BME680-BSEC-Data-Logger” enter your network credentials and related information into “config.h”” graphing can be displayed by inputing “” Iframes into “index3.h”

“BME680 Bsec Data Logger”: Project screen captures

Wemos D1 R2 was used in developing code.

FTP was tested using “FileZilla.” (9.75 KB)

BME680-BSEC-Studies; C++ Project

Data Logger with graphing of IAQ, Gas Resistance, CO2, and VOC. Plus web interface and OLed display.
Example of use in graphing: Soaked a Q-tip in acetone, placed Q-tip very close to the BME680.

Start up requires 30 minutes for the BME680 to be ready. Sketch will display when thirty minutes have past and test can begin. Default time for test to run is for 90 dataPoints, (three hours); which can be easily modified in "config.h," count variable specifies duration of test. Data points are created every two minutes. When count is reached sketch will display notification "End of Test -- Power off."

Free "" account is needed to create graphs:

Graphing uses "" Iframes to display graphs. Iframe are inserted into HTML code of "index3.h"

Project: Created graphs from acetone test

Project can be found on Github


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