Board to mount my boards to?

Is there a board that I can screw all my boards into. I have the arduino, a motor controller board, relay modules, and a gyro sensor so far. Is there pre made boards that I can screw all these down to. I would like something plastic instead of cutting a piece of wood. If it already exists I cannot find the correct search words. If it had a built in bead board area also that would be real cool.

Not that I can think of !

You could use a small plastic chopping board and mount things onto that ? Wood is easy tho for prototypes.

You could use vero board or similar

This thread might be of interest to you:



If you're in the US, Home Depot has precut pieces of clear acrylic or white/black polycarbonate in the Window section. I think sizes start at 12"x12" and 1/8" thick and they're just a few bucks each. Polycarbonate especially is easy to cut and drill.

Walmart sells plastic cutting boards (as mentioned above) and I use "industrial" Velcro. Clean the plastic with alcohol or acetone (my preference.) The cleaning must remove the plastic "sheen" and the Velcro is remarkably difficult to remove after it is placed. I use this method with all my Raspberry Pi setups.

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