Bracket Highlight Issue in Arduino IDE


I have an issue where brackets highlight if i select the word within the brackets is there a way to disabled this i have looked in settings and cant find anything to disable it. I have look in the theme.txt and removed which i thought might of disabled it screenshot attachd and code i removed below.

bracket/brace highlighting

editor.brackethighlight = false
editor.brackethighlight.color = #006699


highlighted brackets.JPG

I confirm that setting doesn’t seem to have any effect in the current versions of the Arduino IDE.

The setting that now controls bracket highlighting is in lib/theme/syntax/default.xml:

<matchedBracket fg="000080" bg="ffffff" highlightBoth="false" animate="false"/>

Unfortunately I don’t find any way to turn the highlighting off. However, you can minimize its visual impact by setting fg to the same value as theme.txt’s editor.fgcolor and bg to the same value as theme.txt’s editor.bgcolor.

It also appears you have highlightBoth set to true so I would change that to false.

my favourite setting is:

| | | | ˅ ˅ ˅ ˅ frame color; color highlight; do you want do you want highlight both highlight brackets; animation;