Breadboarding a Atmega328P 32TQFP - want to use all pins?

I am testing out a setup and will be breadboarding a Atmega328P in the tqfp-32 package and using the ProMini bootloader. The Atmega328P has more pins than what are broke out on the ProMini (A6, A7 and AREF) or the uno, etc as they used the dip package for the most part that does not have these additional pins. Seeing as I am going to be making my own pcb for this, can I just call those pins from a sketch or does the bootloader need to be modified so it 'knows' these additional pins are available?

Thanks in advance,

I think most of them are broken out on the Mini (not Pro Mini).

The core knows about A6 and A7 already.

excellent, what about AREF?

Yes, since it is supported on most of the other board types.

excellent, thanks :slight_smile: