Breadnboard jumper wire connectors/terminals?

I was just wondering what do you officially call the types of connectors found on bread board jumper wires like in these wires

It would probably be easier to import them but right now I don't have time to wait. I usually solder on pinhead connectors which takes forever and they break off after using.

I would call them a jumper wire, depending on the end though, it either M/M,M/F,F/F (F - Female, M- Male ) connector.

What I am actually looking for are the connectors or terminals that they soldered onto the ends of the wires so that I can make my own. It will probably cost me more than just buying them, but at least I can have some wires made up like tomorrow.

With the World Cup and transport strikes in my country importing has been a nightmare lately with stuff not getting through customs for weeks.

I have tried calling them pin connectors or pin terminals, not sure if thats right. If someone knows of part number or code or a manufacturer it would be great.

These kinds of connectors look very sturdy because of the black plastic barrel, when I solder normal pin strip connectors they break off after use because of no reinforcment.

You are probably better off just using solid core wire or tinning the ends of stranded wire than trying to make those.

I have some like that and the plastic seems to be injected molded over a soldered pin.

Thanks Jeff I was kind of expecting it to have been made by some fancy technique.

Its such a pain stripping wires for breadboards, I have lost track of the numbers already. I guess its back to good ol cat 5 cable for now until I can order some of those nice ones

They are called jump leads here:-