Breaks between LED sequence

Can someone help me. In the German forum has “Jurs” wrote this code, but the problem is, I can’t make determine breaks between the LED lights sequence, because “delay(1000);” don’t work right ? How I can do that?

// Struktur für eine LED
struct led_t { byte pin; int zeit; char wert;  };

// Array für alle LEDs
led_t leds[]={
  { 2, 500, 'A' }, // Red PIN 2
  { 3, 200, 'B' }, // Yellow PIN 3
  { 4, 100, 'C' }, // Green PIN 4
  { 5, 200, 'D' }, // Blue PIN 5

int playIndex=0;
int ledIndex=0;

#define NUMLEDS (sizeof(leds)/sizeof(leds[0]))

void setup () {
  for(int i=0; i<NUMLEDS; i++) 
    pinMode(leds[i].pin, OUTPUT);

unsigned long letzterWechsel;
void loop() {
  static byte start = 0;

  if(millis()-letzterWechsel >= leds[ledIndex].zeit && !start)
    letzterWechsel+= leds[ledIndex].zeit;
    if (playIndex>=strlen(playList))
      start = 1;
      playIndex=0;      // Am Ende Überlauf auf null
      Serial.println(); // Neue Zeile auf Serial beginnen
            while(1);  // Ende mit Endlosschliefe
     if (playList[playIndex]=='A') ledIndex=0;
     else if (playList[playIndex]=='B') ledIndex=1;
     else if (playList[playIndex]=='C') ledIndex=2;
     else if (playList[playIndex]=='D') ledIndex=3;

I can't make determine breaks between the LED lights sequence, because "delay(1000);" don't work right ?

Incorrect. Any call to delay(), however unnecessary, will work, for some definition of work. Where did you put the call to delay()? What actually happened?

Ok, I have embed delay() in the code but the LED lights up for 1000 ms and and low for 1000 ms the array control don't work I can't say to the LED lights up for 200ms and after that go down for 1000ms before the next LED will be rise up? I don't know I`m not sure what I can do more ?

I have embed delay() in the code

Where ? Please post your revised program.