Broken hard disk

Shit happens!

I broke my Computer and my Arduino sketch went away.

I have one Program, what is working just now in my Arduino Uno. ( and Im satisfied to it.)

Question: Is it possible to rescue from Arduino uno to my Computer. Like download it or is it only way that I write it again. ??

It is quite a long sketch and i did some modifications too, so it is not in my memory.

Timo :confused:

You can retrieve the compiled code from the board, but it won't look anything like what you wrote.

And when I say nothing like what you wrote, imagine your favourite picture. Now scrunch it up into a ball, put the ball in a blender, and switch in the blender.

How this retrieve works ?


You will probably have more success recovering the data off you bad drive with something like TestDisk / PhotoRec. What exactely went wrong with your drive?

Timo345: I broke my Computer and my Arduino sketch went away.

Maybe you could connect the hard disk to another PC and recover the files. You can get "boxes" that can hold a hard disk and connect to a PC with a USB cable.


Shit happens!

Sure does, and it willl happen sooner or later, so you need to plan for it.