Broken Insert link

The "Insert a link" feature is broken. Test link -> results in http://%22http//

It happens with every link being made. Can someone please fix this?

Thank you.

They appear to be working fine. (manual just link, manual with text, and using the editor ‘insert link’ button ).

Test Link

On quoting your post, I noticed your link was using ‘iurl’ tags, not ‘url’ tags. Did you add this, maybe they were testing the editor button for iurl tags which you accidentally pressed. But considering how the forum has gone lately, I’d be inclined to blame the tools rather than the operator. <<iurl tag

This is a good opportunity to try this out as I have so far only been able to add links when using the “view source” version.

This is my test with the WYSIWYG editor to add a link to the first post in this Thread

And this is a similar test to add a link from my Firefox Bookmarks

As expected, neither of them works. To add the second link I selected the word test and clicked the link button which produce a box with “http//” already in it. I deleted that and pasted in the link I wanted “” and then pressed the “insert” button.

As far as I know this feature has always behaved like this since the “upgrade”.

If I switch from WYSIWYG to “View source” adding links works perfectly.

Perhaps some kind person can explain the proper way to use the WYSIWYG version?


How to use the WYSIWYG version: don't.

I've been doing the same thing I've been doing since the new upgrade.

Copy a website address.
Write my tag line
highlight the tag line
click "insert a link"
paste copied address into URL
click insert.

What could have changed? if the old url tags still work, I'll go back to them. not a problem.