brushless motors: mosfet instead of esc


Is it possible to connect a brushless motor with a mosfet to an arduino? If so, can i controll it good with pwm?

Or is a esc way better?

Thanks in advance. :)

an esc would make things alot easier. you'd need something like 12 mosfets to make 3 H-bridges, and you would have to be constantly adjusting them to make the proper 3-phase supply. you wouldnt have much processing time to do anything else.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control is more complicated than that, but in principle, yes. Except it's more like six MOSFETs, not one, and electronic commutation, whether with or without sensors, is a non-trivial prospect. If you want to do some other project other than building a motor controller, you should at least try an existing ESC to see if it meets your needs.

weirdo: it's six -- three half-bridges, not three full bridges.

Ok that`s an esc then.

Thanks allot!