Bug with HTS221 library on BLE 33 Sense

I am running a program that utilizes the IMU, temperature sensor, and pressure sensor on the BLE 33 Sense. The IMU is responsible for running a compass and the other two sensors are displaying their data in real-time. I have run into a bug where the reading from the HTS221 sensor is wrong until the reset button on the board is hit. Before hitting the reset button, the humidity always reads 0% and the temperature is 20-30 degrees off. I have been testing compatibility and have narrowed the issue down to the HTS221 Library and the LSM9DS1 Library not getting along. When running the compass and the HTS221 sensor, the temperature and humidity readings are always off until the reset button is hit on the board and then the readings are correct. I have attached my code below.

[BLE33Sense/compass_sensors.ino at main · peytonicmaster6/BLE33Sense · GitHub](Compass and sensors running together)

As a side note, the LSM9DS1 library I am running is the Arduino one modified by FemmeVerbeek, but the issue persists with the official Arduino library.

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