Build a software for uploap hex in Arduino

Hi ! I have a question. I have a hex file, but i want to upload to a Arduino, but, I want to development the sofware that up the hex to arduino.

Can I do it ? I think that i can , but i havent idea how can start.... Do you know a some project that i can see ? I think in this software with a firmware updater :D.

Thanks in advance

You can bundle AVRdude in your software and run it as a child process. That's what the Arduino IDE does.

An Arduino sketch can't write into it's own FLASH/PROGMEM memory. Only the bootloader segment of FLASH can write into the application (sketch) segment of FLASH. Did you want to write a PC program to upload hex to an Arduino with a bootloader? Did you want to write an Arduino sketch to upload hex into another Arduino (with a bootloader? without a bootloader?)

The Arduino UNO Bootloader and the AVR In-system Serial Programming (ISP) interface both speak the STK500 (V1) protocol.

The sketch File->Examples->11.ArduinoISP->ArduinoISP will accept 'STK500 (V1)' messages from Serial and send 'SK500 (V1)' commands through the SPI interface to the target AVR hardware. It is used to write into FLASH/PROGMEM when an Arduino bootloader is not installed but the same commands over Serial would upload to an Arduino with a bootloader.

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