Burn bootloader to multiple atmega328 using Arduino Uno

Hello All,

I have successfully burned the bootloader onto several ATMEGA328P-PUs using and Arduino Uno and the step shown here: ArduinoToBreadboard

May I ask if it is possible to use an Arduino Uno to burn the bootloader onto multiple ATMEGA328P-PUs in parallel?

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There is an interesting article about SparkFun's investigation into options for efficient bulk flashing of AVR microcontrollers here:
Probably not exactly what you're asking about, but maybe you'll find some useful information there.

Yes, I have a board for flashing 10 chips at a time, everything connected in parallel, except the MISO pin, this is only connected to the first chip. I used a transistor for the RESET pins (Can't remember why I did that, it was almost 10 years ago)

This is a pretty interesting read, thank you!

I have tried it like these two ways but cannot seem to get it to work

and I'm using the ArduinoISP example code on the Arduino Uno.