Buying a I/O Board

As I mentioned in the subject; I am looking for a inexpensive microprocessor development board for my personal purpose for using it in processing/wiring – but I don’t have the knowledge and the chance to create one. so, I would be interested to get a bit more into the material by maybe buying one – does anyone know where to get one, here in europe? thanks for your support!

Hej Simon,

we are going to offer several possibilities for purchasing Arduino boards at (almost) production costs. The Italian part of the Arduino team is going to produce a batch of USB boards before September 15 and it will be possible to buy online in Europe from -at least- one online vendor (also full kits with components and not just boards).

I cannot tell you prices, because this issue has not been decided yet. But think about something under 28 Eur including all the parts for a USB board, and 20 for the serial one (these are absolut maximum prices for Quantity one). We also plan to make supercheap deals for students and educational institutions, since our main goal with Arduino is to promote education. A naked board should be max. 5 Eur.

Finally I can also tell you that depending on your location, you could get access to one of our free workshops. There will be an ongoing Arduino group in Malmo -Sweden-, another in Milan -Italy-, a workshop in Madrid -Spain- October 3-9 at Medialab Madrid, etc. Just stay tuned!

Hi dave – sounds awesome; I would be interested in buying one or two usb boards and some components. Would be great, if you just could give me a note (per mail) when the boards are ready for shipping. and hopefully I have the chance to travel down to milano, when there is a workshop… would be great.

Just a little update. we are now in the construction phase of 200 Boards that will start to be ready from the 5th of september (in time for david’s class at malmo).
We have an agreement with the company that is manufacturing the boards that they will setup a website (which they are building now) where anybody will be able to buy boards and get them shipped with minimal effort.
The projected cost is still 20EUR quantity one with a bit of discount for larger quantities. New on the agenda is the production of an extra 1000…

Hi to all!!!

I’m happy to annouce that it will be possible to buy Usb Arduino boards assembled starting by 12 September. Write to me for questions and orders at Bye, Gianluca

Hello. gianluca. :slight_smile:
when I tried to email you, I could not send my email to you. I do not know why.
I only got a delivery message more than twice. :frowning:
Do you have any other email address?

Hello! :slight_smile:
Try to use this: The on line shop will be ready soon.

Arduino USB Board, fully assembled
1 piece 20EUR + 20% Italian VAT
10 pack 180EUR + 20% Italian VAT

You don’t pay VAT if you are in EU and have a valid VAT number (Companies, Schools, Universities etc all do)

Shipping costs depend on the destination and the weight of the package. After you receive the quote please reply to the email by changing the subject to ‘Arduino Order’ including shipping address and your VAT number or any other tax id number you use in your country.


[Madrid -Spain- October 3-9 at Medialab Madrid]
I’ll be there (I’m in Barcelona).

Thanks!!! ;D
owd - owd[at]uni[dot]de

Hej OWD,

I will visit Barcelona to make a presentation at ESDI and yet another one at UPF two days before Madrid’s workshops, maybe you can show me around?


Hi! I sorry about my poor English , I’m a Chinese student at
We very want some " usb I/O Board " Is there a way we can buy it ? we only need the naked board . Do you want to set a workshop in China? Maybe that is difficulty? If this project is for education , 5 Eur maybe too expensive for us ,could be lower ? Think you very much!

Hej Fallen,

if you have paypal it won’t be a problem for you to acquire the boards. However, I have to explain to you that there are 3 kinds of boards:

1- plain serial, with all the components for you to solder (we can send you the components our you can get them yourself)

2- plain USB, again for you to solder. It has the complexity that requires you to solder an SMD chip (we can send you the components our you can get them yourself)

3- pre-soldered, machine mounted USB boards

To set up a workshop in China is just a matter of getting a grant to travel there. Maybe your university has the possibility to offer us a way to go there.

On the other hand, about the prices, if you buy a certain amount for educational purposes, it should be possible to get a very good discount. You will just need to prove that you come from that university by sending us a letter of intent/fax from your school and we will help you with the prices. However, the transportation prices to China may be a bit expensive :frowning:


Thank you very much! I’m only a student, but I will talk to my teacher.
There is another question: we have the “USB to serial” line. can we use it to transform the serial to USB? If it is possible we will try to make the serial Board. If we find it is easy and there is many student want to join us we will set up the workshop by ourself ,but not by school, because in China many people prefer to “8051” rather than “AVR” ,and they prefer to “make production” rather than “play with examination” , our teacher maybe not agree with us :frowning:

Hej again,

we use serial-usb converters all the time. You should just aware that from the broad range of converters existing in the market, there are a few that will not work. Brands including the FTDI chipset like ATEN or KEYSPAN work fine both for PC and MAC.

In order to get the discount you just need to show us that you are a student/group of students. We are not aiming to make money with this project, therefore if you don’t get support from your teacher you shouldn’t worry too much.

About making your own workshop, we will encourage it and support you entirely from here. All our examples are open and published on the net. And we will be happy to help you with whatever questions you come out (to a certain extent).

Finally, if you feel like you want to develop your own boards, because of price, you are welcome to do so. I would recommend you to start checking out Dave Mellis’ explanation on the smallest Arduino system at:

and also Tom Igoe’s standalone Arduino board on a prototyping board, available at:


PS. I don’t like 8051 either :wink:

David, thank you very much!
The serial-usb converters is useful it’s a good news!

I have paypal , and do you know how much is the transportation prices to China ?

Here is very friendly ! I love this project ! Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Hej Fallen,

I have no idea about the prices to ship to China, you should ask Gianluca, our manufacturer: info [at] smartprojects [dot] it. We have discussed your case and he is aware about the price issue.

On the other hand, I have just released a PDF file in case you want to try to make your own board etching it on a cupper plate in an emergency:


hi ,these days I can’t visit this site. it seems something is wrong ??? I don’t kown why . Thank you very much.

These days we have a exam ,as soon as it finishs we’ll begin to try. At that time , maybe we’ll meet some trouble ,hope to get help from you .

the thing about my student status , our teacher agree
to help us , I can Email you a copy of my “student status” or our teacher will send you a email with “” ? which one we should do? and what’s the email address?

There were some problems with the BerliOS server. As a matter of fact we were quite unhappy with it, because we depend very much on the web for disseminating our project.

Anyway, we are back online, and our project keeps on growing.


PS. I sent and email to your email account. Tell your teacher to answer to that specific address

Hi ,My teacher send the email to you ,do you get it?

Oh, yes,

let’s close the issues regarding the boards over email. Send me an email with the amount of boards you need and I will talk to the manufacturer about the academic discount.



you should check out the following website: