Calibration for MPU-5060

Hello everyone,
in my project i am going to use a gyroscope and i am trying to calibrate it, except in the code i used i found these two operations that i dont understand what they are for.
Can you please why they divided by 16384 in the case of accelerometer and by 131 in the case of gyroscope.
thanks in advance


...but didn't share.

The unnamed device has a specified sensitivity in its datasheet - that will tell you the reason for the division

The comment "calculate the rotation accelleration" is nonsense, which does not create much confidence in the code you found.

the mpu-6000 datasheet (pg 25) indicates that values are 16-bits (+/- 16384) and assume it's obvious why dividing by 16384 makes sense.

no idea where 131 comes from. that same pages says the gyro can be programmed for full scale ranges of 250, 1000 and 2000. it would make sense to divide the gyro value by one of those 3 values so the result in in degrees/sec after being normalized by 16384

similarly the accelerometer can be programmed for full-scale values of 2, 4, 8 og 16 g

i have no experience with the mcu 6050 but am planning on using one and hope others can provide details

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