can arduino be a midi board

If the speed is set right for the serial port (and arduino sends the right kind of messages) is it possible for a usb arduino to appear to the computer as a midi device so that programs that only recognise midi can get input straight from arduino without having to use another program on the computer to translate signals.

the messages from arduino wouldnt be a straight forward midi note/program change, so you would need a MAX/MSP patch (or something simular) to translate the messages sent from the arduino serial/usb port.

if you are looking into making your own midi controller, i’ve built my own in the past by dismanteling an old midi keyboard and using the PCB with my own switches/buttons in place of the piano keys.

the midismart keyboard is cheap and cheerful for this sort of project, £30 new. or the more expensive deopfer units are excellent for the same application.

hope this helps.

bod. ;D


the Arduino board will not register itself as a MIDI device, but as a serial device. However, in MAX/MSP as in PureData we have developed a patch that reads the data into the software.


I thought not - but always best to ask.

I have done similar cannibalisation in the past too - also built a couple of midiboxes (

Just thought the programming side of arduino is so much easier than the ucapps.

Oh and Happy New Year everybody.