CAN BUS receive packet speed

Has anyone implemented this in their vehicle? How does it handle the communication speed?
I wrote a little test in the Arduino to send a packet based on a specific data packet received, and on the PC end, I'm doing the same thing with my CAN-USB adapter. When I had the adapter hooked up to my car before, I was seeing some extremely high packet rates, but I see the Arduino is only spitting out about 12-15 packets per second. My fear is that when I have this installed, it's going to miss a bunch of messages on the bus.

It looks like if I ignore the trigger to send out the messages and just run it as fast as it can, it goes about 2000 messages per second.

Using the CANHacker PC program, I set it to the max rate of 1ms, and the Arduino didn't miss a single packet. Hopefully this means it can keep up with the large amount of messages in a vehicle.