Can I box Arduino in wood box for outdoor use?


I’m slowly putting the last pieces of automatic watering system together and one of the things to solve is boxing.

Since it will stay outdoor, I need to protect it from rain. I have wooden box like one on the attached images. I wanted to set metal roof and put this box just below it. However, since wind can still bring a bit of rain from sides, I’ll repaint wooden box with water resistant color. Also, the edges slides in will be isolated with insulation tape. Do you thing this will be ok?

The advantage of using wooden box will be that Arduino/relay/any board can be easily screwed in it, no need for hot glue or similar stuff. Also, wooden box can be easily screwed to any carrier or pillar.

Does anyone have experience with using such boxes and did it work?



Is that wood or MDF ?

Lots of waterproof spray sealant.
The only redeeming point is that it will be under a roof.

Water and critters can get into the smallest spaces.

Remember you need to weatherproof your connectors etc.

Probably easier to look for an IP67, UV stabilised ABS plastic enclosure with glands and gaskets.

How will the project be powered ?

I would expect problems, dry wood is slightly conductive, slightly damp wood is very conductive.

I’m not worried about the box being conductive… The circuitry doesn’t have to touch the box. :wink: I’ve used plastic, metal, and wood a couple of times (indoors).

The biggest issues are usually humidity-moisture related (condensation and freezing). Even if the box is hermetically sealed you can get condensation if there is “normal” non-dry air inside.

You could use conformal coating on the boards and waterproof connectors, etc., but I’d probably just ventilate the box (while protecting it from rain) and plan on replacing the electronics in a few years if it corrodes or gets damaged. (That’s assuming you don’t live in an extreme environment.)

…Garages aren’t sealed or heated but you probably have light switches and maybe a garage door opener and these things usually survive the slight-occasional moisture for many years.

Do what you are doing. I would then seal all the holes for the wires with silicon sealant, and also wrap the thing in lots of cling film.

I would buy a box , they are cheap on eBay , or even a plastic takeaway box .

How about something like this

Cheap and cheerful


Keep out of sunlight. :woozy_face:

It is going under a roof

I have a Wemos D1 Mini in a plastic outlet box with a nylon screen replacing the outlet. The screen is glued to the inside of the wallplate.


This has been in my garden for two years through all kinds of storms and it’s still working.

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With 18650 batteries, 6 of them

Yes, exactly, that’s what I plan to do. All things where wires are going out of the box will be protected with silicon. And I also plan t ventilate the box as DVDdoug mentioned

It’s MDF

MDF is not good news in any sort of damp environment. You can get moisture resistant MDF but either type is difficult to make waterproof

I would go for a plastic enclosure of some kind and put some silica gel inside it just in case

How long are the batteries expected to last between charges

Thanks everyone for responses. I can even put it in greenhouse, so it will be protected from rain. But them temperatures inside can go up to 40 degrees of more. I guess in that case wood/mdf option is better. Then cables would go from green house outside but I have to secure wires anyhow.

So question is now - to put wood/mdf in greenhouse or plastic outside. In the first option I do not even have to install small roof above the box.

I expect bateries to last for 5-6 days based on calculations I made and that would be fine.

Why do you think that?

this one will do the job

Consider building it like a outside weather station enclosure, or a bird house as suggested previously. Conformal coat the electronics and you will be all set.