Can I download program to arduino by AVR Studio?

I have got a arduino mega board, but i wanna program it by AVR studio instead of Arduino software, since AVR studio has alread supported GCC programming... Anyway, i wonder if it possible to download program to my arduino mega through the usb interface on the board with avr studio, just the way Arduino software could do? :) :)

if it's possible, what should I do exactly? thanks!!

Look at this:-

and this:-

yes, I’ve already seen those two links, and I don’t find any guide about download program using USB interface on arduino board under AVR studio environment. ::slight_smile:

More specificly, when I connect my arduino board to my computer through USB interface, how can i communicate with it in avr studio environment, or how can i find my arduino board in avr studio? :P


I was looking for the same information and I wrote down a few notes on my blog about this subject.

I hope it can be useful to you.

Here's a link to download a batch file:

Download the file entitled: upload.bat

Drop the file into your AVR studio project folder and open the upload file in notepad. You will have to make two changes. The first is change the name "lab3.hex" to whatever the name of your program file (keep the .hex extension of course)is. Then, with your Arduino board plugged into your computer, look up which port it's plugged into (Control Panel/Device Manager/Ports) and change it to COM whatever. Save the changes and close the file. Assemble your AVR program, then double click the upload file. Right before you click run, press the reset button on the Arduino board. Then click run and you're golden.