Can I include a header file that is not a library?

I am transitioning from programming AVR chips in C to using an Arduino platform. I used to include header files with the following syntax:

#include “file.h”

instead of a library which would be:

#include <library.h>

If I was just including a header file, I didn’t have to create a library with source files. The header file basically contained definitions that I didn’t want to rewrite in the c code every time.

So, in the Arduino environment, can I include a header file that is not part of a library?

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If the include file is part of a single Sketch, instructions are here...

If the include file is meant to be shared by multiple Sketches then...

  • Close the Arduino IDE
  • Navigate to the {Arduino}\hardware\libraries directory
  • Create a subdirectory. I suggest something like MyCommon.
  • In the new subdirectory, create a header file. I suggest something like MyCommon.h.
  • Open the new header file, edit it as you wish, and save it
  • Open the Arduino IDE
  • Create or open a Sketch
  • Add a #include to the top of the Sketch that references your new include file

Perfect! Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I was looking for.