Can the Arduino store video onto a SD card?


I am currently in the idea phase of a new project. Essentially I would like to build my own set of spy glasses. The kind of glasses with the camera and storage electronics all built into the glasses frame. My question is, will the Arduino be powerful enough take in camera video signals and store them on an SD card. Basically a button would be pressed and the Arduino would then save the video to an attached SD card exactly like a digital video camera. After some searching around the internet I'm leaning toward no, but I also wasn't able to find anything regarding my specific application.

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How is the data going to get from the camera to the Arduino? From the Arduino to the SD card? There are maximum rates for how much data can flow by each mechanism involved. Unless is extremely low resolution video, at low frame rates, the Arduino can not read and write it fast enough.

So does that mean the Arduino would be incapable to preform these operations for Standard definition video?

How about learning by an existing example?

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