Can The Leonardo be be used as an Android ADK?

Can The Leonardo(Pro-micro) be be used as an Android ADK?
I removed the old "#include “wiring.h” and moved and included “#include <Arduino.h>” from the old ADK library for Arduino ADK.

While I’m struggling to find a proper Support for Processing for Android and Waiting for the ADK module to Arrive, I thought can I use the Pro-micro I have as ADK… It seems a good replacement of USB shield and acts as an HID.
That’s why I was thinking.
I don’t know how the Architecture in ADK works(I’m an artist).

Guidance would be much appreciated…

Have you found a way to link pro micro to Android?

The big thing that sets the Android ADK hardware apart from the other Arduinos is the presence of a "USB Host" interface, able to treat the phone as a device. The Leonardo and the Arduino Micro only implement the "USB Device" side of the protocol, and can't be used like that.

Now, the ADK hardware is several years old, and since then "USB On The Go" has become much more common in phones, and that CAN talk to a USB device like a Leonardo or Micro. It's possible that the ADK software has been updated to use this sort of connection, so that you no longer need special hardware. (I don't know; I haven't actually used the ADK software. This is all just theory.)