can't compile some librarys in WEB Editor

Hello! I have a problem with WEB Editor: some month ago (nearly October 2019) i have write a sketch in Arduino WEB Editor. This sketch is compiled successfully.
Now i can't compiled this sketch, the error is: fatal error: iarduino_DHT.h: No such file or directory.
I check filename, foldername and e.t.c. And i didn't see any problems. Also i delete library in web editor and upload again. This action not help me.

Besides, WEB Editor didn't compile the example in downloaded Library.
I try to compile my sketch and library example in offline IDE. And everything is OK! There is a problem in WEB Editor.

Here this library: Универсальная библиотека для DHT11 и DHT22, iarduino_DHT, полностью на русском языке для Arduino

P.S. There are three librarys in my sketch with the same problems. "iarduino_DHT" is one of this.
Please, help me.

Can you please share the sketch URL?

Sketch-example from library:

I have solved this problem. I create new account and upload library's and my sketch. Everything is working