Can't convert decimal to HEX?

Hello, I'm using this function:
String br = String(4294967295, HEX);
But I get this error:
"exit status 1 call of overloaded 'String(long long int, int)' is ambiguous"
Please help,


4,294,967,295 is 232 - 1, this is the largest unsigned long you can represent in a 32 bit format

you need to help a bit the pre processor understand what you want to do by explicitly saying you want an unsigned long integer, if you do String br = String(4294967295ul, HEX); // note the ul at the end of the numberyou’ll likely get rid of the pb

that being said, just do const char * br = "FFFFFFFF";and don’t use the String class…

Okay, thank you very much! I will try that out!


What are you aiming to do with the value after it is converted to Hex ?