Can't find hardware directory.

I recently downloaded and installed the latest version 17 on an intel iMAC. In several spots of the Arduino documentation it refers to the Hardware directory under the Arduino applications directory but there are no directories under the file. Nor do I see any directories. I did find the library directory.

I built a successful flash LED program so everything appears to work.

Can someone point me to where this Hardware directory should be located on MAC (I’m running Leopard).

Right click (or ctrl-click) on the, and choose “Show Package Contents” (an app is actually a directory with its contents hidden, essentially.) Then go to Contents/Resources/Java, and THERE you will find the “hardware” directory and other stuff. (lousy place for it, IMO.)

Control click (or right click) on the Arduino application file.

Select ‘Show Package Contents’.

Then all will be revealed.

Prior to Arduino version 17, the IDE application and all the other directories were kept in a standard folder.

Beginning in version 17, the IDE package contains all the other directories.

Thank you westfw and Mike Rice.
I would never have found that. It’s like a hidden trap door.
For a platform dedicated to simplifying things, I agree that is a lousy place and should be in a separate folder.
But I’m just really happy to have MAC supported so I’ll just do my part and pass this on.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I strongly suspect that it’s a holdover from Processing, which had fewer reasons to expose the underlying utilities… (and the move happened concurrently with an upgrade in the version of Processing that Arduino was based upon.)

I’m sure theres something about being able to make a Library folder in the folder Arduino uses for saves, so ~/Documents/Arduino, can’t remember the details