Can't find libraries for ESP8266

Hi, I was following a video tutorial and I needed the following libraries: -WiFiClient.h -ESP8266WiFi.h -ESP8266WiFiMulti.h -ESP8266HTTPClient.h

But I can't find them, I have also added "" in my preferences, but anything. What can I do?thanks :)

After adding the jason in preferences.txt, you need to go the board manager and install the package; I think it's called esp8266 by esp community. After that, you shoyld have the needed libraries.

Thanks for the reply. I have already added those libraries, but when I reboot Arduino and I write them at the beginning, Arduino can't find them. I have tried on another PC with Windows and Arduino find them, but says that I have more than one library for ESP8266WiFi.h

I did go through the adding of ESP (nodemcu) yesterday (for the first time). The ESP is a package, not a library. So when you say "I have already added those libraries", are you referring to the package or the individual libraries?

Yes, Yesterday I had that problem but then I installed the package. But I can't use that anyway