Can't find what =+ means?

So Im reading the code someone put up for their “family” of mini robots and one part isn’t making sense. Here is the part of the code:

for(i=0; i<4; i++){
lsenseval += analogRead(lsensepin);
rsenseval += analogRead(rsensepin);

lsenseval and rsenseval are just two variables defined as types uint16_t. And lsensepin and rsesnsepin are just two phototransistor pins.

So I searched google and this site, but couldn’t really find anything on what =+ means. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

Can't find what =+ means?

The code you quoted was:

       lsenseval += analogRead(lsensepin);

That's +=, not =+.

What it means is:

foo += 2;

That means, "add 2 to foo".

It’s a form of shorthand for expressions. For example:

   x += y;
   x -= y;
   x *= y;
   x /= y;

is the same as:

   x = x + y;
   x = x - y;
   x = x * y;
   x = x / y;

Thanks everyone! You were all a lot of help!

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