Can't log into Yun using SSH?

When logging into the Arduino Yun I entered the IP address into Putty using ssh and press Open. Putty opens a window with the request login as. I enter the name Arduino. Next for the password request I enter the same password provided when I filled out the Configuration Dialog. But Arduino Yun keeps telling me Access Denied.

What should I do to log into the Arduino Yunm?

You need to log in as user "root", in PuTTY you can put this in Auto-login username under Connection->Data if you are to lazy to type in the user name everytime (I am).

I assume you know that your Yun's IP addy is, but if you install Bonjour Print Services from you can use arduino.local for the host name instead of the IP. If your router is set up for DHCP the IP may change.

A big thanks. Using "root" for user name fixed the "Can't log in problem"

Question can one still use Bonjour when using both WiFi and Ethernet to connect to Arduino Yun? How does Bonjour know whether arduino.local means WiFi or Ethernet?

It works like any host name, just like doesn't care what network it is using.