Capacitor as battery to power motor

Hi all,

taking a leaf from the powertoys (paper aeroplane), i am researching if it is possible to build a capacitor charged circuit to power the motor (

it will be two parts: 1) charging circuit to charge the capacitor and 2) for the charged capacitor to run the motor.

pls advise me. thanks

Well that site is rubbish because it doesn’t tell you what current the motor draws.
However, as it is for a helicopter then I doubt if it can run for more than a fraction of a second before the capacitor is discharged.

Generally speaking capacitors make poor power sources, as their voltage decreases as charge is consumed by the load device (the motor), where as a battery maintains it's terminal voltage during most it's discharge cycle.

By the way that motor listing doesn't state the voltage or current requirements for the motor so it's hard for you to even get started no matter how one would power the motor.


This is the "Holy Grail" of the electric car industry. True it is a much larger scale but I've read a few reports of false starts with announcements of beak throughs. None of them have panned out so far. I had a friend that did research on batteries so that is probably what kept me interested in the subject.

If you want to see examples of motors powered by capacitors check out BeamBots TomJ

Supercaps are used as temporary energy stores - very useful for regenerative braking as the power levels are higher in braking than for anything else and supercaps can take a lot of charge in a few seconds.

For a helicopter loads are pretty steady so there's not much point for a temporary energy storage technology.

we have RC Helicopter,kick ,then you could find it.