Capacitor Leakage.

Can someone tell me what is a normal/acceptable amount of leakage on electrolytic capacitors? I'm playing with my new cheap component tester and it usually says under 1%. occasionally 1.something for a larger older one. I have 2 cases where it was above 2%. Both on 1 big and 1 small electrolytic so I changed them just in case. I also have a Blue ESR meter but there are capacitors in certain ranges that are hard to read the graph for.

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Percentage of what? Leakage is measured in uA usually, and the specification for a family of capacitors usually quotes expected leakage as a function of capacitance and working voltage.

What do you mean by leakage, and as a percentage of what Or do you mean DC current flow once the capacitor is fully charged (as if there was a bypass resistor) stating 1% doesn't mean much, but 1% of charge/minute or 1% reduction in stored voltage/minute does


new cheap component tester

link please.

Thanks Tom.... :)

I had the same trouble a month ago :

The tester just reports a % of leakage. I suspect it's just a comparison of voltage applied vs what comes up missing when it's put through the cap. I am finding a hard time finding the words to describe what I am talking about but we used to call it "Pulled down by a bad cap" in the old days.

Here Tom

I think that the percentage leakage current doesn't mean anything. It is what that devices makes of it.