capacitors included in starter kit

These capacitors were included in the Arduino starter kit. (see attachment). They do not seem to be used in any of the projects. What are they for (in relation to the projects)? What are the specs? I cannot read the labels on them.

It's a good practice to put a bypass capacitor on the power pin of any sensor or servo. Most of the time you don't "need" them, but it's a good habit to get into.

The round ones are marked "101", or 100pf. I would use them on sensor power pins.
The square ones are marked "1J63", or 1uf, 63V. Use these on servos, relays and motors.

Thank you. I was trying out the Touchy-Feely lamp project. Capacitor use is not mentioned but in the Capacitive Sensing library documentation, the use of a 100pF - 0.1microF capacitor to the ground on the sensor pin is suggested to improve stability. Now I know which one to use.