Carry Flag of old Assembler

I'm new in Arduino programming language. I love shift operations, but I cannot find any reference to something similar to the Carry Flag of old Assembler, very useful because much speedy than logical operators AND, OR, XOR. May anyone confirm that there isn't any Carry Flag (or similar)?

There is no carry bit in C/C++.
Easy to emulate, though.

Modern compilers are pretty smart, they’ll use the carry flag when they need to:

For example: Compiler Explorer

uint8_t f(uint8_t x) {
    bool carry = x >= 0x80;
    x <<= 1;
    return x + carry;

Gets compiled to:

f(unsigned char):
    lsl r24                ; logical shift left (sets carry flag if bit 7 was set)
    adc r24,__zero_reg__   ; add zero with carry


No high level language I've ever encountered has access to the carry flag? I'm confused why you would think C /C++on Arduino would....

Sounds like an XY Problem to me. How about you tell us what you are really trying to do?