Case/enclosure for arduino with a screw shield

Does anyone have suggestion for a case that an Arduino with a screw shield will fit into that still allow for access to the screw terminals?

Thank you.

I find boxes from to be easy to manipulate for mounting stuff in. If not near a Staples/OfficeMax in the US, they are also available in lots of other countries.

This one is about the size of deck of cards, I made a remote control with it. The next one is a bigger box. There are a lot of sizes available. Mount your card on standoffs, drill holes in the sides to feed wires thru, pop off the cover to access the screw terminals.

Wow, that robotshop card is cheap. 2-terminal screw connectors from Phoenix are $0.765 each in 1000 lots. They have 14 per card - so that's $10.71 just in connectors. Must be using some really cheap (implied low quality) parts on those cards to get the price down to $3.85 for an assembled card.