CGI issue

/cgi-bin/luci works but it's the only one CGI path which works

I've a CGI for all my Yuns (file name 'reset' which resets the MCU) but on the latest Yun I've received, I can't run it from /cgi-bin/reset however if I rename it to luci it works!!!

And of course I need luci too.

Any idea?

This new Yun sounds very recent, with the interface like Tian (Arduino OS 2.0.3-1 I guess), while my others just have Luci.


Arduino Yun Nuevo from Petrel comes now with "arduino" password (was "doghunter" before) which is helpful to identify these boards.

Looking at uhttpd conf in /etc/config/uhttpd, CGIs must be in document root which is /osjs/dist so I moved my CGIs in /osjs/dist/cgi-bin and now it works.

My CGI is /osjs/dist/cgi-bin/reset:


So http://192.168../cgi-bin/reset relaunches the sketch (useful if Bridge is broken).