char += char Problems

Good Morning Guys,
i have the following Problem. I have 2 Strings look like this:

char String1[14];
char String2[14];

Now i want to add them. If String1 is "Hello" and String2 is "World" then i want that String1 is "Hello World".
i tried
String1 = String1 + String2 and also i triedString1 += String2but that doesn´t work. Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much, Yours Ruediger

Being pedantic, those are not "String"s*, they're arrays of "char"s.

"strcat" is what you want. ("STRingconCATenate")

*"String"s would be objects of type "String" with all the useful string- handling methods built in to the class.

Yes you are right, that are not strings :slight_smile:
strcat works perfectly. Thank you very much. Nice Weekend, Ruediger