Cheapest Board for NRF24L01

I’m looking to use 2 NRF24L01 (or +) to send/receive data.
One would be connected to a Mega on a rover/robot.
The other I would ‘like’ connected to my laptop’s USB, enabling me to send/receive via serial through a custom c# application.

As I understand things (still a fair newbie here!), I will need an arduino to control the Transceiver on the laptop side of things.
(I did look for a ready-built USB-NRF module but nothing solid found).

So … would ‘any’ arduino do ?
As all I need it for, is to send/receive to the NRF, I was looking for the cheapest/simplest option.
Yet my electronics knowledge is basic as opposed to detailed, hence not keen to go so cheap that I’m then spending weeks troubleshooting buggy issues.
There is the Pro Mini, which requires some soldering (!horror !).
Or the Leonardo.

TBH, even £13 is more than I ‘wanted’ to spend … but acceptable for a clean solution.

Could anyone comment, am I on the right track ?

Any Arduino with SPI will do ...

For the PC side, get the USB version...

For longer distance, get those with power amp and external antenna

See this company that built low cost/decent quality NRF24L01 RF modules , together with documentation, application notes and the PC apps ... Not just some companies crunching out thousands of RF modules without any support...

See this link :- Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. for a demo, u can even control multiple rovers!!!