Choosing best dc motor


I'm making a robot/car and I need 2 dc motors. I had 2 but they were not strong enough.
It has to fit so it would be nice if the motor is small (like max 50mm length). The motor has to work on 12 volt or lower. My car weights less than 0.5kg. I found out that I need something like 300RPM.

Do somebody know where I can find it?


You haven't told us anything about the ones that "were not strong enough" - full details of the hardware please..

I don't know much about them. They come from a kit from velleman.

Linked motors are strong, can lift up your 0.5kg

I also found these.

Stronger , bigger, more current from battery

300 rpm is a very low speed for a DC motor, so you'll have gearing. 5-10k rpm is quite normal for DC motors.

You need to know current power/torque rating of your motors, otherwise you don't know whether any other motor is stronger.

I think I will use a 8×1.5V AA battery's as power source. The most dc motors I found work on 12V. I don't know the power/torque rating of the motor I found but someone made a car of it and it looks a strong motor.

Here is some data.
You have to google on Alibaba (producers side )

I just used one of them with a speed control I knocked up using TIP31C a 5k pot and 3v battery and it won the day. My friend had a project going linked to his 3d printer. I was asked to get a turntable he had that was surrounded by leds giving much too much brightness to my mind, running almost stopped, as he said he needed it.
I had it running a one rev per minute and every time I turned that pot lower it stopped dead on me. Try as I could it would not run so low as to turn that turntable slower and my suggestion of it being belt driven so when the motor turned five turns the table turned one, meaning he could go slower he refused that idea. :confused:
He eventually took it away to try out and came back grinning. Whatever it was doing the one rev per min worked so it was smiles and beers all round.
If you have any ideas why that motor refused to go slower than one rev per min I would be grateful.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Link to your motor, they look similar but voltage of the motor can be different, reducing 350 RPM to 1 RPM by regulating the voltage - bad idea.
12V motor will not turn at 1V, even if so the motor will be very weak

I have on my desk a few types of geared motors and bare motors, I did not use them yet. The geared ones are heavy.

After spending hours on the internet I decided it is much better to buy a couple of them and experiment.In my opinion, the transmission is the critical point, rather than the power of the motor, which of course counts as well.